A wide variety of services to respond to as many of your needs:

Door to door

  • We pick up and deliver your shipments as you will instruct us.
  • A door to door Express Mail Service including pick up and prompt and reliable delivery of your documents, packages and parcels.

Distribution & Storage

  • Anndex can help you with the distribution of your products in the United States and globally.
  • We have a secure warehouse in the United States where your merchandise can be stored for the amount of time that you will need. An inventory and regular monitoring of your stock will be done to your specifications.

Mailing Program

  • Anndex offers a mailing address in the United States, to help its customers not living in the United States. Your mail will arrive through our address and it will be shipped to you wherever you are.


  • The purchasing department will help you, from the search of your products through worldwide suppliers, to their delivery right to your home or place of business.

Free USA Address

  • See our section “Free USA Address”